As a homeschool parent for almost 10 years, I've had a lot of experience, like all of you, driving my children to classes, hoping to find gifted educators to fuel their curiosity. I've been looking for and creating ways for my children to collaborate with others, and to have authentic audiences for their work. And I've loved so much of it! It's been a decade full of adventures, new friends, and lots of learning. But I've been dreaming of combining workshops in one space, on one day of the week, so that we can limit the amount of time we spend traveling, and instead nurture a more consistent community of learners. 

So many generous experts, with real gifts for working with children, live in our community. My vision for Main Street Homeschool Auxiliary is to become a hub for high quality, engaging workshops facilitated by talented locals, to enrich and inspire the learning we do at home. I want our students to have the opportunity to work with a variety of other learners on a regular basis, and to contribute back to our communities their ideas and their work.

Because we believe in the value of what we offer, and because we believe in the value of diversity for all our students, we want as many families as possible to be able to attend our workshops. We are always working to keep our prices low -- our goal in pricing is to just cover our costs: rent, insurance, teacher stipend, and other expenses. So we would love your help to spread the word, assist teachers, and to even teach a workshop. 

We are located in the former preschool at College Heights United Methodist Church, where we have access to several classrooms, outdoor space, and a common room for families to wait. 

Because our program is not a drop-off program, you or another responsible parent or guardian will need to remain on premises during your child's workshops. You can choose to join your child in class or hang out in one of the common areas. 

I look forward to working with you to create the auxiliary we all want for our children and our families! 

Cathleen Drake Nelson